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Innovator Co. - Bullseye | All Def Music

Innovator Co. - Bullseye | All Def Music

Innovator Co. is a creative collective comprised of artists of various mediums. Based out of Los Angeles, Innovator represents an open state of mind for experimentation and entrepreneurialism. Everything is created in-house. The group is comprised of producers, songwriters, painters and tastemakers who aim to offer different sounds and styles than that on the current music scene. Members: K.Rudd, Cloud, Fake, Lonnie Ro, and Ky D Jor Innovator Socials: @PatrickCloud @Kydjor @Parmeshonp @LonnieLibrary @Krudd Crew: @ihi11man @ArchnemesisKris More from Innovator Co. Directed by Kris Cross and Irving Hillman Cinematographer: Irving Hillman Music by: Patrick Cloud Subscribe: Check out our TopVideos: → CONNECT WITH ALL DEF MUSIC ← #TheSignal #AllDefMusic About All Def Music: All Def Music's mission is to bring a voice to the voiceless by focusing on artists who are defining the next up in Hip Hop. All Def is a multi-platform media company leveraging the cultural power of Hip-Hop, Comedy, Poetry and Social Justice. Hip Hop transcends age, class, gender and geography. It drives the content behind our most popular films, TV programming and even our Broadway shows. Hip Hop also drives significant parts of global culture, and All Def leverages this truth every day. You’ll find our work on HBO, MTV, Fusion, Spotify…and we’re just getting started. And more than anyone, Hip Hop speaks to youth. All Def has leveraged the cultural power of Hip Hop to grow our owned channels to over 10 million fans aged 18-24. Innovator Co. - Bullseye | All Def Music All Def Music
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